As the saying goes…

Coworkers are sometimes like our second family. We really see them a lot and go through a whirlwind of random events together that leaves us laughing from absurdity or humour.

Lately, I’ve been really thankful for my coworkers. I was struck (still suffering actually) by a hard-hitting cold/flu and needed to lie down often. On Christmas Eve, it became worse as that feverish feeling just won’t go away! I was suppose to work that night to help set up for Boxing Day but after telling my assistant manager that I felt very ill, she kindly told me to stay home so I would recover faster. At that moment, I felt truly blessed. Someone, amid all this shopping craze, cares for my well-being and gave me a break when I truly needed it. She didn’t even account for the extra work she had to do.

And I guess that’s what coworkers are all about. Being there for each other and lending a hand in need during desperate times.

Sidenote: What do you think of the balloons theme compared to the camera before? Which one better captures the Big People spirit for you?


Memory: My School Principal

T’is the season to be jolly! It’s that time of the year again where malls put up huge Christmas trees and Santa Claus comes to town. Being in the holiday spirit reminds me of when I joined my school choir in grade 1. I didn’t know a lot of English at the time; I don’t even remember how I got involved; but I’ll always remember my choir teacher, Mrs. Mathany (please forgive me for the wrong spelling).

She was also the school principal, and a very good one indeed. To help me practice at home, she recorded herself playing the songs on the piano and made it into a cassette tape for me. I used to play it and sing. Our group even toured local malls and performed to the community. I still remember so many of those songs, if not the lyrics, at least the melody. Maybe that’s why I love Christmas carols so much.

Mrs. Mathany is no longer with us. She passed away a few years after due to breast cancer. I never got a chance to thank her for her kindness and for being an educator that touched lives. 

What about you? Which one of your teachers touched your life at a pivotal time? Go thank them!

TV Collection: The Obsessions of an Entrepreneur

Apologies for the lack of posts lately! I promise to continue to share great stories on a consistent basis from now on as there is never a lack of inspiration.

So yes, I love watching TV. Hence wanting to launch a section in this blog that is dedicated to telling the stories I stumble upon flicking through channels. I love tuning into interviews of people who’s made a mark in this world. It doesn’t have to be a deep carve, just something that people will look up to them for. The talk show I was watching just happened to be interviewing the founder of Eslite and his daughter (who is also deeply immersed in the business). This spiritual harbour of Taiwan is in its 23rd year of operations and is expanding to Hong Kong with the dream to become the go-to hub in a new territory.

Through the conversations, it’s not easy to be captivated by the persistence of this seasoned entrepreneur. His literature business aspires to bring people together to a space that is mobile. The design of the store breathes the brand values and the staff at Hong Kong’s flagship Eslite has been through a 6 month training program before debuting in front of the customers. He believes in what he does and the vision behind his brand. More importantly, he invests in people: his staff, his customers; ultimately shaping the business into a cultural artifact.

Being seasoned comes with experience, his words of wisdom included:

  1. Do not equate yourself to an object or incident.
  2. Wealth should not neglect the importance of health. Enlightenment can found within both existing simultaneously.  

A different birthday

No it wasn’t my birthday, but even if it was, I don’t think I would’ve been as thoughtful as the gentleman in the video:

My favourite random act of kindness was #22, “distributed balloons at the local orphanage”. There’s a special feeling that comes with holding a floating balloon in your hands, especially as a kid. It makes you believe in magic, and the power of magic that can bring happiness.

The interesting thing about this video is that the receivers of these acts of kindness all looked stunned, confused or had no expression. It’s as if people do not expect to be treated nicely anymore…

Now imagine if the 6 billion people in the world all spent their birthday the way the gentleman did in the video.