Everyone Lives for Their Moments


High school basketball player passes ball to mentally challenged player on the other team so he can score

That was the headline that caught my attention on Facebook today. Selfless was the first word that came to mind. After watching the whole news story, I realized that everyone who took part in this was indeed, selfless. It was the coach knowing that his decision would make his players better people in the future. It was the spectators knowing that the cheering couldn’t be louder. It was #22 on the other team knowing to “treat other how you like to be treated”. It was everyone giving Mitchell his moment at a time when it counted. It was Mitchell’s undying passion for basketball. It was the heart of gold.

What a moving story. I know it brought a tear to my eye. How did it make you feel? Losing that game probably wouldn’t mean anything in 20 years, but giving a brother his big break will likely leave a lasting impact in everyone’s heart. Hats off to a coach who cared about more than just the game. I’m sure his players will be Big People for years to come.


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