Transit Stories: Mr. Helpful Bus Driver

What’s the worst part about taking the bus? Having to wait. As I was on my way to watch the Canucks game (yes the NHL is back), I hopped onto a bus that could take me to my actual stop (my avoid-all-walking strategy in action). Unfortunately, the bus I wanted was ahead when both buses met.

I stood up, and began getting ready to book it as soon as the timing seemed right. This is when the bus driver asked me, “Do you want that bus?” Since he knew that was my purpose, he was determined to help me. He reassured me that it should be easy to catch it at the next stop and we chatted for a brief moment about riding buses. Once we had another chance, and I’m using “we” because it literally became a team effort, he honked his horn to catch the other bus’ attention. Before I got off, he said, “If you miss it, come back.” I said my thank you and caught the bus.

I couldn’t help but remember his bus number so I can give him a commendation. I felt so fuzzy and warm inside because strangers who go out of their way to help others are so rare now. Thank you Mr. Bus Driver, you’ve made me Saturday afternoon bus riding experience truly positive!

For those of you that know Mandarin, check out this YouTube video of an entertaining bus driver in Taiwan 🙂


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