Big People Inspirations

BPP testimonial

One of the reasons I started this blog was to bring joy to other people by sharing the moments I encounter day-to-day and I finally began to feel a bit of impact last week! It’s quite an honor to know that my simple blog serves as a fun read and inspired people to embrace the Big People spirit and pay it forward.

BPP testimonial 2

Thank you to the friends and family that has been supportive of this initiative and actually follows my blog!

This reminds me of a tear-off flyer I saw at a Canada Line station coming home last week. I couldn’t take a picture of it because my phone ran out of battery but I still vividly remember me walking past it, taking a step back, just to look at it closely. The flyer read “Take One” and each tear-off had “a chance”. At that time, only one chance has been “taken” and the flyer was gone the next day. What I’m trying to say is that: I took a chance with this blog. It has been enriching for the soul because I get to document life’s little moments with a purpose.

So my question to you for 2013 is… What chances will you take to inspire other people?


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