“Sung” Hero

How many times do you leave comments on YouTube? If you have your own channel, how often do you reply to other people’s comments?

Felt like listening to some Lifehouse music the other night and stumbled upon this fan-made video of Broken (great song by the way!). I’ve always been fascinated by the comment function because it allows people to be honest with themselves and other people; hopefully in a responsible manner. One of the viewers, TheGumdropButtons commended the uploader, AznTwilight for giving thoughtful replies to other viewer comments that sometimes asked for advice, or simply a pair of ears. AznTwilight wasn’t stingy with either. It’s hard to find people these days that give up their own time to care about other people so I was really happy to see this.

Go on, click into Broken – Lifehouse and remember to savour the kindness from stranger to stranger demonstrated. The song is awesome too… win-win!


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