As the saying goes…

Coworkers are sometimes like our second family. We really see them a lot and go through a whirlwind of random events together that leaves us laughing from absurdity or humour.

Lately, I’ve been really thankful for my coworkers. I was struck (still suffering actually) by a hard-hitting cold/flu and needed to lie down often. On Christmas Eve, it became worse as that feverish feeling just won’t go away! I was suppose to work that night to help set up for Boxing Day but after telling my assistant manager that I felt very ill, she kindly told me to stay home so I would recover faster. At that moment, I felt truly blessed. Someone, amid all this shopping craze, cares for my well-being and gave me a break when I truly needed it. She didn’t even account for the extra work she had to do.

And I guess that’s what coworkers are all about. Being there for each other and lending a hand in need during desperate times.

Sidenote: What do you think of the balloons theme compared to the camera before? Which one better captures the Big People spirit for you?


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