Memory: My School Principal

T’is the season to be jolly! It’s that time of the year again where malls put up huge Christmas trees and Santa Claus comes to town. Being in the holiday spirit reminds me of when I joined my school choir in grade 1. I didn’t know a lot of English at the time; I don’t even remember how I got involved; but I’ll always remember my choir teacher, Mrs. Mathany (please forgive me for the wrong spelling).

She was also the school principal, and a very good one indeed. To help me practice at home, she recorded herself playing the songs on the piano and made it into a cassette tape for me. I used to play it and sing. Our group even toured local malls and performed to the community. I still remember so many of those songs, if not the lyrics, at least the melody. Maybe that’s why I love Christmas carols so much.

Mrs. Mathany is no longer with us. She passed away a few years after due to breast cancer. I never got a chance to thank her for her kindness and for being an educator that touched lives. 

What about you? Which one of your teachers touched your life at a pivotal time? Go thank them!


2 thoughts on “Memory: My School Principal

  1. It’s always great to stay connected with your elementary school teachers! I’ve been meaning to visit mine for quite some time. I miss them dearly! Luckily, one of my teachers is tweeting for his grade 5 class so I am still connected with him through Twitter!

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