A different birthday

No it wasn’t my birthday, but even if it was, I don’t think I would’ve been as thoughtful as the gentleman in the video:


My favourite random act of kindness was #22, “distributed balloons at the local orphanage”. There’s a special feeling that comes with holding a floating balloon in your hands, especially as a kid. It makes you believe in magic, and the power of magic that can bring happiness.

The interesting thing about this video is that the receivers of these acts of kindness all looked stunned, confused or had no expression. It’s as if people do not expect to be treated nicely anymore…

Now imagine if the 6 billion people in the world all spent their birthday the way the gentleman did in the video.


2 thoughts on “A different birthday

  1. Wow! That was a great video to watch! Do you know what country that was filmed in? The washing a random car in the parking lot was pretty funny!

    I used to always watch wimp.com but I forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder – I should check out their videos more often. Thanks for the share!

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