Going The Extra Mile

Working in retail can sometimes cause headaches, but really, you just need one person to thank you with sincerity and you’re good to go again.

An older couple came in, looking for products. After overcoming communication issues due to language barriers, I found out that the wife had skin pigment disorder and wanted to see what essential oils can help her. I’m often the most engaged with my job when people tell me about a health issue they have (I don’t know if it has to do with my horoscope being Cancer, the ultimate caring sign). Thankfully, with the Internet, I found that certain oils my store carried would help this lady. I customized a sample for her and wished her well. Both the husband and the wife looked me in the eyes with pure appreciation and thanked me for helping them.

I felt what I did was quite trivial, it just had a basic intent of bring aid to someone with chronic problems. However, at that moment, my actions moved her and in return, she moved me with her gratefulness. Isn’t this a wonderful cycle to be a part of? No one’s ever obligated to make someone’s day, but if you do it once, it becomes addicting.


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