Unfamiliar Kindness

As a growing city, Vancouver can be experiencing an increased volume of those less fortunate. We see them on the streets at night and I’m one of those that don’t know how to react. No one ever knows how hungry or cold they are. I was walking to the skytrain one night with a friend, and we passed by a person sitting on the ground, waiting for help. Before my brain even finished signalling me what to do, my kind, Christian friend (who happen to have a box of leftover timbits with her) went up to him and said “I don’t have money but I have timbits.” The guy answered “I’ll take timbits.” and my friend said “God bless you!” while I said “Have a good weekend!”. It’s not hard to tell that religion has been a big influence on my friend and her kindness. We walked off, me with my heart warmed up. I got to experience a different type of interaction with the ones that are less considered that night.

This experience reminded me of the time I was in New York City. My cousin and I were on the subway when a middle-aged man with a guitar got on. I could tell  he has been going through a rough time. What’s special about him is that he wasn’t there just to ask for money. He wanted to use his musical skills to earn money. As he was strumming away, he told us that he had a job interview lined up and he just needed some money to go take a shower and get ready. Before my cousin and I got off, we handed him a few bucks and wished him luck. Obviously we don’t know how the interview went, but I sure hope he’s better off now than he was at that time. Everyone deserves a shot, a second shot, and however many more they need to get on their feet.


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