Everyone Lives for Their Moments


High school basketball player passes ball to mentally challenged player on the other team so he can score

That was the headline that caught my attention on Facebook today. Selfless was the first word that came to mind. After watching the whole news story, I realized that everyone who took part in this was indeed, selfless. It was the coach knowing that his decision would make his players better people in the future. It was the spectators knowing that the cheering couldn’t be louder. It was #22 on the other team knowing to “treat other how you like to be treated”. It was everyone giving Mitchell his moment at a time when it counted. It was Mitchell’s undying passion for basketball. It was the heart of gold.

What a moving story. I know it brought a tear to my eye. How did it make you feel? Losing that game probably wouldn’t mean anything in 20 years, but giving a brother his big break will likely leave a lasting impact in everyone’s heart. Hats off to a coach who cared about more than just the game. I’m sure his players will be Big People for years to come.


Transit Stories: Mr. Helpful Bus Driver

What’s the worst part about taking the bus? Having to wait. As I was on my way to watch the Canucks game (yes the NHL is back), I hopped onto a bus that could take me to my actual stop (my avoid-all-walking strategy in action). Unfortunately, the bus I wanted was ahead when both buses met.

I stood up, and began getting ready to book it as soon as the timing seemed right. This is when the bus driver asked me, “Do you want that bus?” Since he knew that was my purpose, he was determined to help me. He reassured me that it should be easy to catch it at the next stop and we chatted for a brief moment about riding buses. Once we had another chance, and I’m using “we” because it literally became a team effort, he honked his horn to catch the other bus’ attention. Before I got off, he said, “If you miss it, come back.” I said my thank you and caught the bus.

I couldn’t help but remember his bus number so I can give him a commendation. I felt so fuzzy and warm inside because strangers who go out of their way to help others are so rare now. Thank you Mr. Bus Driver, you’ve made me Saturday afternoon bus riding experience truly positive!

For those of you that know Mandarin, check out this YouTube video of an entertaining bus driver in Taiwan 🙂

Big People Inspirations

BPP testimonial

One of the reasons I started this blog was to bring joy to other people by sharing the moments I encounter day-to-day and I finally began to feel a bit of impact last week! It’s quite an honor to know that my simple blog serves as a fun read and inspired people to embrace the Big People spirit and pay it forward.

BPP testimonial 2

Thank you to the friends and family that has been supportive of this initiative and actually follows my blog!

This reminds me of a tear-off flyer I saw at a Canada Line station coming home last week. I couldn’t take a picture of it because my phone ran out of battery but I still vividly remember me walking past it, taking a step back, just to look at it closely. The flyer read “Take One” and each tear-off had “a chance”. At that time, only one chance has been “taken” and the flyer was gone the next day. What I’m trying to say is that: I took a chance with this blog. It has been enriching for the soul because I get to document life’s little moments with a purpose.

So my question to you for 2013 is… What chances will you take to inspire other people?

“Sung” Hero

How many times do you leave comments on YouTube? If you have your own channel, how often do you reply to other people’s comments?

Felt like listening to some Lifehouse music the other night and stumbled upon this fan-made video of Broken (great song by the way!). I’ve always been fascinated by the comment function because it allows people to be honest with themselves and other people; hopefully in a responsible manner. One of the viewers, TheGumdropButtons commended the uploader, AznTwilight for giving thoughtful replies to other viewer comments that sometimes asked for advice, or simply a pair of ears. AznTwilight wasn’t stingy with either. It’s hard to find people these days that give up their own time to care about other people so I was really happy to see this.

Go on, click into Broken – Lifehouse and remember to savour the kindness from stranger to stranger demonstrated. The song is awesome too… win-win!